Walt Disney part II

St Pete Beach.....

Swiss Family Robinson's house....treehouse...

Tomorrowland....Magic Kingdom...>Day 2

Street PARTY!!!---my favorite....

The best waffle bowl hot-fudge sundae...EVER..

Ariel's Grotto......also my favorite...

Racecar......family fun...

Winnie-the-Pooh playground.....

Haunted mansion....(Jack had no idea it was supposed to be scary..)

Me.....Splash Mountain....YEAH!!!

Fun pics with Pluto....Magic Kingdom...Day 2

The Florida Provards....minus Uncle Ted

Jack and his 12 year old cousin---Micah

More pics to come........


Walt Disney World--2009...part I

AHHH---Magic Kingdom---we really did have so much fun!! We---Jack, Andrew, myself especially liked the parades and street parties.....more pics to follow.

Jack made a duck friend while we were waiting for the ferry to Magic Kingdom--which we spent two days visiting--I STRONGLY recommend more than one day if you have a toddler.

Our view at the Buena Vista Palace---right across the street from Downtown Disney!!


Park Pics

These are not the best pics.....but we HAD FUN!! (these were taken with my phone)
It was fun hanging with Maya and Nikki for many reasons, most importantly--I can just tell that park season is COMING!...well, coming to STAY...not just coming and going. After park season, there is an even BETTER, POOL SEASON!! Yes, I do like the snow, but we are all over the cold, snowy, ice storms and are ready to bust out our flip flops. AHHH, love the sun.....obviously I am solar-powered.
Anywho, many more fun pics to come....can't wait to share!!!



YAYA!!!! We LOVE Kindermuzik!! Twelve weeks of musical fun....I have never seen Jack run around so fast with so many scarves! In our class, we have Ollie, Cora, Quincy, Hayden, and Mia.
Honestly, I may have more fun than the kiddos in this class.

(I thought it might be fitting to FINALLY post something about the Jackster...:)


Fun Smiles Creative

Wish you were here?? Well, you can go there, while we help YOU AT HOME!!

Is anyone sick of planning parties and figuring out how to keep everyone entertained and then somehow find the time to write thank you notes??

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We will help make your next partay a HUGE SUCCESS WITH NO STRESS!!!

(ok friends, here is a taste of what is happening....stay tuned much more is COMING OUT!!!)


2009...It's gonna be FINE!!

Thoughts of 2009:

  • I am now in the process of starting my own business....or linking my business with my sister-in-law's current business. (stay tuned for more details)

  • I have been working really hard on not sweating the small stuff...ie...friends....how far my family lives....if people are mad at me...etc.

  • I am going to start playing the piano again. (it has been awhile, but I did have lessons for 11 years)

  • I am really excited about new things that are on the horizon---no, I am not pregnant...but new things that will happen for the Ozark Schmickles...Andrew, Jack, and myself.